Home Renovations

The terms renovations, refurbishments and remodelling refer to any changes made to a home to improve the space, useability and liveability of the home or to improve the lifestyle of the occupants. These changes include room extensions and patios and decks, all of which our professional team at Inntec Refurbishments of Brisbane can provide.

On this page we talk about renovations and refurbishments made within the existing building space, including the external walls. Room extensions and patios and decks, are dealt with on other pages.

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but nothing stays the same in life and inevitably, families grow or shrink, or circumstances change.

As these changes occur you may turn your attention to ways to improve the living spaces of your home and adapt them to your current needs. At times you may even have thought of moving into a new home, but it is not always necessary to go to the expense and trouble of relocating when renovating the existing home is a viable option. Often, your current needs can be met by reconfiguring rooms, changing their use, removing walls, adding doors to the outside or upgrading facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms.

The aim of renovating kitchens and bathrooms is to improve the ergonomics (use of space) and aesthetic appeal – to get the “NOW” look. Removing walls allows the creation of modern open plan living spaces, suitable for today’s families. These are the main internal renovations you could consider without going outside the existing building space.

Renovations you could also consider to provide you with the home you want are changes to the outside of the house to improve its appearance or function. Such improvements include changing cladding, upgrading windows and doors, adding screens to windows and doors, and changing balustrades to patios and decks etc.

The only limits to the possibilities are your imagination and that of the designer, and the available budget. We can help here. We are qualified and experienced contractors and can provide you with relevant appropriate design and budgetary advice.  After you arrive at the conclusion that renovations of some sort are necessary, a call to our business Inntec Refurbishments will ensure an appointment with one of our design consultants who will listen to your needs, requirements and dreams, and then convert them into solid ideas for your home.

A proposal consisting of concept plans and budgets is then prepared and presented to you for your consideration, and further modification in an ongoing mutually co-operative fashion. Contracts for renovation construction are prepared when you are happy with the proposal and ready to enter the next step of turning dreams into reality.

Inntec Refurbishments have specialised in these things since 1979, and our experience, professionalism and friendly approach means that the real estate value of your home is improved.

It may be that not all your needs can be met by renovating within the existing building space. If your family is growing, you may need an extension to provide extra bedrooms or living spaces. If you have a love of outdoor living, the construction of a patio or deck may be the answer to your needs. Many of our happy customers are older couples whose families have left home and are now able to afford a beautiful outdoor area for casual and relaxed alfresco living.  It may be that the solution to your family building space dilemma is a combination of design ideas eg: a small extension, a new deck and a renovation of the kitchen and bathroom.

Our team of professionals is ready to help in these more complex situations.

If renovations are in your plans, be sure to get in touch with us. We have been in the renovation business in Brisbane a long time and look forward to working with you.