Flood and Fire Repair

Disasters happen, and they can happen when you least expect it. Most of us are insured for these eventualities and can recover physically from the crisis with the help of a good builder, even if your emotional recovery takes a little longer.

We have been maintaining, repairing and renovating Brisbane homes since 1979. This has given us a thorough inside knowledge of the ways that houses of all styles and ages have been built, and the methods used by tradesmen from different eras. This is invaluable knowledge when it comes to repairing and rebuilding whole houses.

However, in carrying out repair work, it is not sufficient just to have the building knowledge. The builder/repairer must also be able to make decisions about what components to keep and which to dispose of; and how to treat those components to be kept. For example, framing timbers that have been flooded need thorough drying out and treatment against future growth of mold and fungi that could lead to deterioration and loss of strength. 

After the initial inspection and assessment, the builder must be able to work with the owner’s insurance company to agree on the extent of the damage, the extent to which the insurance company will fund the repairs and the proposed plan to restore the home to a mutually acceptable state.

A further complication once repair work begins is discovering pre-existing damage to building components. For example, termite damage to building frames or leaking roofs. The builder must be capable of finding and dealing with these occurrences, and negotiating with all parties to find a solution suited to the home owner’s needs and finances, since this type of damage probably won’t be covered by the insurance.

In addition to all of the above, many homeowners take the opportunity to upgrade and renovate their home after a disaster, rather than just re-instate the original. If funds permit, they may choose to add a patio or deck or reconfigure rooms to suit changing family needs.

Our business, Inntec Refurbishments, with nearly 40 years in the home maintenance and renovation industry is skilled in all of these areas and has the ability to not only  bring all parties together to help you recover from a disaster but if required leave you with an upgraded home with improved functionality, appearance and real estate value.

Phone or email us if you experience a crisis that damages your home, ask us how we can help and we will respond promptly with good building advice and service.