A house extension which adds more living space to your home may be your preferred home improvement renovation option.

Extensions can be required for all sorts of reasons – extra bedrooms or communal living spaces or perhaps the addition of a home office or bedroom ensuite. Also, extensions are often added to older houses which historically were smaller and more divided into separate rooms than the larger open plan modern houses we build today. Extensions also include decks and patios, which add floor space to your family home, and these are dealt with in more detail on another page.

We at Inntec Refurbishments have been building extensions in the Brisbane area since we first started in 1979 and see this type of building as the core of our renovation operations.

The first step is an appointment with one of our design consultants. The consultant will take the time to sit and talk with you to find out what you’re aspirations are, what you want to achieve in terms of space and liveability, and what your approximate budget is to achieve these goals. Once having listened to you, the consultant can start formulating building and renovation ideas that will help you achieve these goals.

From these a mutually agreed design concept for the renovations will develop. At this point, some possible physical constraints need to be checked before the design progresses too far. Such constraints would normally be proposed distances from front, side and rear boundaries; or any specific town planning requirements that may apply to your particular block of land and could affect the size or look of your proposed renovations. These requirements vary from heritage area declarations in the older parts of the city to bushfire and wildlife preservation considerations in the outer suburbs. The location of infrastructure such as mains power, telephone, gas, sewerage and water lines may also affect your proposed renovations.

Once all of the above requirements are checked, a final design can be developed and agreed upon; and at that point a firm proposal can be presented to you for the construction of your renovation.

However, a simple extension may not be the complete answer to your renovation needs. You may also need an upgrade of your home’s facilities to bring it up to date and present is as a modern home. The overall requirements may be an extension to provide extra indoor living space, a covered deck for outdoor living and entertaining, a new kitchen and opening up large doors from the inside to outside to make the house “flow” and be a place that you want to come home to and where you want to entertain your friends.

Our team of professionals can handle these more complex renovation solutions, and provide you with cost effective renovation proposals to achieve the function and aesthetic appeal you are looking for in your home.

The added bonus of a well thought out, designed and built renovation will be that it has added real estate value to your home when it comes time to sell.