Whether or not you have a modern fleet footed chariot or a classic chugger, your car needs a space for security and protection from the elements. If you don’t have a closed garage built as an integral part of the house, a carport should be an important part of planning your next renovation.

And not just for your car. Think about your lifestyle, your house and all of the home maintenance issues that you have – this may mean incorporating a garden shed for storage of tools and garden equipment, work space for a home handyman, work space and potting benches for the gardener, or storage for bicycles and lawn mowers.

Planning for a carport should not be done separately to planning of the garden. Think about the appearance of the structure, the size of the space required and how it will fit into your landscape.

The things to think about when planning your carport are much the same as for a patio or deck. These are:


Mostly people prefer their carport design to be low profile and fit into the landscape. However, you may prefer to make it a grand architectural statement that reflects your bold personality and helps define the look and feel of the house you live in.

We don’t build metal sheds based on standard “one size fits all” designs. We use traditional timber and steel building materials blended with modern finishes to create custom solutions for your needs. With the help of our qualified and experienced professionals, you can have the carport that suits your house and your personality, and meets your needs for weather protection and security.