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CASE STUDY: The Day The Boat Came In

CASE STUDY: The Day The Boat Came In

On a sunny day in the Brisbane suburb of Kenmore, one giant bathtub dubbed, ‘The Boat’ was expertly manoeuvred into a tiny bathroom by a four-man team of building professionals from Inntec Refurbishments. It’s a bathtub, but at two metres long and weighing over 100 kilograms, it was not unfair to call it, ‘The Boat’. At first it seemed impossible that such a monstrosity of modern bathroom architecture would fit in such a limited space. Yet the client insisted: the boat must go in!

Heads were scratched, teeth were gnashed and more than one scoffed at the idea: “It can’t be done!” they cried, “You’re mad to try!” they wailed. Fortunately though, ‘can’t’ is a four-letter word at Inntec Refurbishments and attempting the impossible is just one way the family-owned building company goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service and satisfaction.

Principal & Project Manager, Cameron Innes says accomplishing difficult projects and saying ‘yes’ where other builders have said ‘no’ is just part of Inntec’s personalised approach to customer service and personally oversaw the installation to ensure everything went to plan.

“It took four people to lift and manoeuvre,” Cameron explains, “First up two flights of stairs, then down a narrow hallway and finally easing it through a narrow doorframe. Once it was in the bathroom, it took all of us to get it into position. It certainly wasn’t the easiest task but it’s what the customer wanted so we made it happen.”

Client, Sylvia was overjoyed that she finally had the bathroom she had always dreamed of with the bathtub she had always wanted and says although the job was tricky, the staff at Inntec worked hard to minimise difficulties and get the job done.   

“We recommend and like Inntec Refurbishments because the team are thorough and meticulous, in short – professional, but they are also very easy to work with,” she says, “All concerns are listened to and addressed.”

If you have a difficult project that other builders keep putting in the ‘too hard’ basket, call Inntec Refurbishments and set sail for stress-free quality home renovations at competitive prices.