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Taking The Woe From Renovating

Taking The Woe From Renovating

Ask any homeowner and they will tell you that renovating a house can be a stressful disruption to daily life. The process of design, planning and wrangling with council and neighbours for approval is daunting enough, and the prospect of construction noise and dust often deters people from renovating at the outset – but it doesn’t have to be that way.
The team at Inntec Refurbishments recognise the inconvenience even minor renovations can cause and actively work to minimise difficulties at every stage of the project. Their experienced and dedicated staff are trained to provide personalised assistance to clients from the very first consultation.

“From the initial consultation and quote, right through to the final site clean and handover, we take care of everything,” says Principal & Project Manager, Cameron Innes. “Our staff are not only experienced professionals in their respective fields but also trained to be friendly and co-operative at all times so that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Essentially, our professional approach centres on working together with our clients as a team to produce a mutually satisfactory result.”

The integrated design-building-project management service Inntec Refurbishments provides handles all aspects of design, planning, certification, construction and approval with a focus on minimising stress and inconvenience for the client. “The key is communication; I maintain a high level of communication between the client, my staff and I,” Cameron explains. “We constantly keep the client informed on the progress of the work right from the start: when paperwork has been submitted, when it’s been approved, updates on construction etc. We also have staff that liaise with Council and certifiers on the client’s behalf and sort out any issues that may arise, which means less stress and a much more enjoyable renovating experience.”

As Project Manager, as well as a certified builder and engineer, Cameron personally oversees the progress of all work, particularly during the construction phase. “I communicate daily with the customer about what we’re doing, what our plan is for the day, give progress reports and advise them on anything we may need them to do so we can work, such as move furniture or secure pets,” Cameron says If you’ve been putting off renovating because you’re avoiding the hassle and the headaches, it’s time to reconsider. Inntec Refurbishments take the woe from renovating, making sure your building dreams don’t become a nightmare.